Meet & Chat Your Destiny
Retyol allows you to meet and chat by matching.

Meet & Chat Your Destiny

- Every day 1 match right is automatically uploaded to your account.
- 7 match right comes as a gift initially.
- You can get the right to match by watching videos.
- All profiles are hidden, only your matches can see you.
- With the translation feature, you can speak to people from any country in any language.
- With the talking message feature, you can see the correct pronunciation of words.
- You can message with people in the city at your request.
- You can specify the age range you want.
- You can specify the gender of your request.
- You can specify your sexual orientation. Heterosexual, Bisexual, Homosexual,Asexual
- You can become a Star member and attract attention.
- Gives information before opening photos with sexual and violent content.
- When members are reported, they switch to zombie mode according to their reporting number and cannot use any feature.
- You can find everything on the retyol, friendship, language friend, language practice, language exchange, long term friendship, short term friendship, pen pal, flirt, love, dating, affection, holiday companion, summer love, winter love, sex partner, date, romance, meet and many more things...